Steve Harmon


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Accounting, Administration, Logistics / Multi-Moda, Supply Chain, and Investment

Background & Experience

Steve Harmon is a highly successful finance and business leader with a core focus on supply chain solutions and real estate development. Currently, he is CEO of Spartan Logistics, a 3rd party-logistics company based in Columbus, Ohio, and the President at NAI Harmon Group of Toledo, Ohio.

By using his detail-oriented analytical skills, Steve led Spartan Logistics from its startup to success as a large region 3PL with over 20 locations in 5 states.  “Here’s how we do it: We always set out to do a great job, we keep our promises, we answer our phones, and we work hard. It turns out that the most effective way to operate is also the oldest and most basic.”

Today Steve leads effective teams in operations, systems, finance, safety, and sales. Spartan has decades of experience in fast-moving inventory, especially food and beverages, and is also a veteran handler of automotive supplies, industrial materials, and more. Most of the Spartan locations are food grade certified and ready to comply with all modern tracking, regulatory, and good manufacturing practices.

As part of the process of listening to the customer and solving business problems, Steve was instrumental in using real estate construction and development to create solutions.  This led to the creation of NAI Harmon Group to handle property management and leasing needs of customers, Logan Creek Construction to build custom commercial buildings for customers, and Harmon Land Development Co to acquire land and buildings for future construction.  Combined these companies employ over 400 people and manage over 8 million square feet of commercial and industrial space.