Case Study: NAI Harmon Group Develops Industrial Park for Major Tier 1 Auto Manufacturer

Key Information 

Client: Dana Corporation 
Location: Toledo, OH 
Topline: Locating and developing a specific real estate solution 

The Challenge

Dana Incorporated, a worldwide supplier of drivetrain, sealing, and thermal-management technologies, was seeking a warehouse solution. Dana was looking for around 300,000 square feet in space for their storage and assembly needs. They were also searching for a building within a particular five-mile radius to reduce their transportation costs. Locating industrial space in today’s market can be a challenge due to the lack of vacant space. In an area with limited space available, this could become a problem.

The Solution

NAI Harmon Group, together with the Toledo-Lucas County Port Authority, had plans to develop real estate in Toledo. This real estate was on the site of the initial Jeep plant, but there was nothing developed there at the time. The site was marked as a brownfield site, meaning that the area needed a lot of work prior to construction. No existing roads, utilities, or infrastructure existed on the land. NAI Harmon Group, the owner of the property, sought to build industrial warehouse space on the former Jeep site. In just nine months, NAI in conjunction with the Port Authority completed construction of a 100,000 square foot spec building, complete with all necessary infrastructure. Dana showed interest in this location, but still required 300,000 square feet, triple the size of the existing building. Through many negotiations and conversations, the Port Authority provided the financial resources to expand the building to 300,000 square feet.

The Result

The expansion of the building was a smooth process and was completed on time. As a result, Dana Incorporated currently operates its axle plant on this 300,000 square foot site, of which NAI Harmon Group is the owner and property manager. NAI Harmon Group President Ed Harmon said “The relationship between NAI and the Port Authority was instrumental. This deal would not have gotten done without this collaboration.” In addition to the Dana operation, Detroit Manufacturing Systems recently opened a new facility on this land. They assemble parts for the Fiat Chrysler plant which will be used in the latest Jeep pickup truck. Overall, there have been over 500 new jobs created due to this thriving land development. This case shows NAI Harmon Group’s capability to work with the customer to get a specific real estate solution completed in a timely manner.